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Molly is so small she barely comes over my roses(^v^)

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How to be lazy 101. 


When I’m doing tours over on the Island, I HAVE TO sit on the chairs with the pillows. I just HAVE TO.

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UGNE MADE THIS VIDEO i’m laughing so much hahahah !!!!!!!!

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Title: 11 PM Artist: Nintendo 42,457 plays

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Title: Bubblegum K.K. Artist: K.K. Slider 70,615 plays

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Title: Save Your Game Artist: Nintendo 43,835 plays

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you don’t have to be uchi to join the uchi gang!

(also made it available as a shirt!)

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Title: Igloo Artist: Kazumi Totaka 5,937 plays


Animal Crossing | Igloo




The first beta world in Animal Crossing.

Credit goes to bowsersenemy for originally discovering the beta worlds and finding the AR code for them; I’m just posting new videos of them because his videos disappeared.

To visit a beta world (or really, many rooms in the game with the exception of villager houses), you need to do the following:

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I love these they’re like being in a weird dream

Dang you’re kinda right.
Watching this feels like it makes almost as much sense as playing LSD. (especially the warping thing)

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